• Developing my leadership skills as well as my social skills is my proudest achievement that I have accomplished through eSports. When people think of gamers people usually get the stereotypical antisocial male who spends 8+ hours in front of a screen playing a video game. After joining the esports association at DH I was able to connect with fellow peers and be able to be motivated enough to take on one of my first leadership roles in college. Through videogames I was able to not only meet new people with similar interests but also make life long friends. This to me means more than any in-game achievement or gaming tournament.

FULL NAME: Rhomeozon Blankas
YEAR: Junior
MAJOR: Cellular Molecular Biology

Being part of such a great eSports community at Dominguez Hills not only makes you a better player but it also develops you as a person. I am most proud of the lessons that I picked up because of eSports. I learned that there is no substitution for hardwork and that real success is about how happy you are and not about what is in your bank account.

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