We believe that Esports is a strategy and not an outcome. Our Esports program is centered in four pillars which are Academics & Research, Community Engagement, Competition, and Entertainment. We aim to always meet the needs of all students, by providing development programs within the Esports environment in order to obtain transferable career skills. We believe in providing safe spaces and environments for our members to collaborate in-person and online. We promote and achieve both individual and team growth mindsets. Our program pursues to always be socially conscious and culturally aware to further impact our community.


We will inspire our community to explore all areas and spaces of Esports programing. With a committed faculty and staff team we aim to continuously support our student’s passions and endeavors. We will incorporate a competitive and well verse community that harbors sportsmanship and growth among gaming. We will develop friendly competition among neighboring universities along with the campus community. We will enable a well balanced view of gaming and health.

Four Pillars

Academics and Research
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We are centered in empowering our community by demonstrating commitment to the improvement of educational programs and services. We proactively seek to collaborate with organizations that have teaching and human development as their mission. We aim to achieve these efforts by providing knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Our delivery is to research and explore intrinsic motivations that proves high achievement. Through these means we look to solidify and grow our community and celebrate the computer gaming culture by incorporating major discipline competencies.

Community Engagement

We will support our community to bring students together in a social and positive setting. Our work is centered around building community in various modalities. We will provide more inclusive efforts that will build on more equitable spaces. We will create a supportive culture that spans across all generations and foster a compassionate community through community services and volunteerism. Our community will focus on synergizing efforts of individuals into organizations. Identifying new emerging technologies that have near and long-term potential to positively impact the world.

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We will recruit any and all gamers ready to take their skills to the next level. Our gamers will receive coaching in various modalities and from positive influencers who specialize in transferable skills. These coaches, combined with the Esports staff, will redefine what it means to be an elite gamer by instilling the following values: an appreciation for diversity, healthy living, academic success and life balance. Allowing us to promote and celebrate efforts to obtain accolades to betterment the representation of the teams’ dedication of the process.


We will broadcast our gamers to the world and create the most enjoyable viewing experience possible. As the demand grows for live Esports events, we will meet that need by hosting high quality events. This strategy aims to alleviate a social issue and educate the public through a custom-tailored piece of entertainment. A spectacle that recognizes the strong metacognition skills to prove developing academic skills. Engages students to learn about their strengths and weakness to increase their performances.

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