Five Pillars

Academics & Research
Academics and Research Shield

The esports industry is relatively new. Students and faculty have a rare opportunity to research, innovate, craft, and develop within the field. CSUDH Esports works directly with faculty to ensure students are prepared for their professional careers and setup for academic success. We are working to develop curriculum related to esports and video games, with the intent to establish certificates, minors, and majors. Faculty within our Workforce Integration and Health and Wellness teams are already providing workshops to our students!

Career Development

Within each pillar, CSUDH Esports provides opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and learn new skills. These skills are applicable to most career pathways, beyond just esports. Students with a background in their school’s esports program tend to stand out in the application process for these careers. CSUDH Esports provides networking opportunities to students, with conferences, industry connections, and local community engagement as well as skills workshops and employment opportunities.

Career shield

Beyond inclusion, a sense of belonging. CSUDH Esports creates a strong sense of belonging by building a community for all students. The community outreach extends to surrounding regions, local school districts, businesses, and prospective students. Our program hosts a wide range of event types, some in-person and some online, that are often generated and run directly by students. CSUDH Esports is positioned to be a crucial engagement tool, hoping to bring future Toros to our beautiful campus!

Community Shield
Competition Shield

The esports teams at CSUDH compete nationally in college-exclusive competitive leagues each semester. Our teams play the most popular competitive esports titles, which can be found on our “Teams” page above. CSUDH Esports ensures that players of all genders, backgrounds, and skill levels can participate. Players are able to connect with other collegiate gamers and gain the hard skills that facilitate their entry into various fields upon graduation, whether they remain in esports or not.

Entertainment Shield

CSUDH Esports broadcasts events worldwide to create an enjoyable viewing experience as entertainment. Often, this includes Twitch broadcasts in combination with content on other social media platforms, resulting in a fun and engaging esports experience. Students are empowered to create content and directly participate in the creative process, which translates to real world experience.