A view of the Toro Esports Academy showing a bank of CPUs with monitors and headphones hanging off to the side. There are chairs witht the CSUDH Esport logo o nthem.

Toro Esports Academy


Located on the second floor of the Leo Cain University Library, the Toro Esports Academy is designed to be a flexible, institution-wide space. It serves the entire university community by offering a practical classroom, a competitive arena, an incubator space, and a broadcast room. There are currently 38 gaming stations plus three broadcast stations. Events can access all 38 stations as needed, teams can overflow into the incubation or classroom sections, and students are free to collaborate and develop their ideas. Sponsors have graciously donated and provided equipment for lab operations.



What is the name of the space?

The official name is the Toro Esports Academy. We affectionately also refer to it as the TEA Lab or Esports Lab

Is the TEA Lab open to everyone?

The TEA Lab is open for walk-in use by CSUDH Students, faculty, and staff. It is not open to the public unless there is an event taking place which specifies otherwise.

Is the TEA Lab free to use?

Yes, the Toro Esports Academy is free for walk-in general use. If you are working with us to plan an event, the general scope may include a reservation or event fee.

What games can I play?

The list of games above are the titles we have pre-installed on our systems. Most of these games are free-to-play, but the TEA Lab may have copies of paid games available. You are also welcome to download and install games that you may own to the PCs. Please remember to log out of everything before you leave your station.

Can I bring in my own equipment (keyboard, mouse, controller, etc)?

Yes! We have 4 USB ports available at every gaming PC station. The TEA Lab also has equipment available to check out, free of charge, on a first-come-first-served basis. When checking out equipment, you must drop off a Toro ID with us while in use

What type of events will be held here?

A variety of events will take place in the TEA Lab. We prioritize events that fit within our Pillars of Esports (Academic and Research, Career Development, Communication, Competition, and Entertainment). Our teams also use the space to hold practices and play in tournaments.

Can other schools come in and use the space?

If you are another university or high school looking to do something with us, please reach out to esports@csudh.edu and include some details about the ideas.

How does CSUDH Esports fit into the TEA Lab?

The CSUDH Esports program operates and oversees the Toro Esports Academy. The teams, events, academics, and broadcasts by CSUDH Esports may take place in the physical TEA Lab location. As a general walk-in user, you may be asked to change stations to accommodate official program use.

Can anyone be a part of CSUDH Esports?

Absolutely! There are multiple ways to participate in CSUDH Esports. We consistently post about our events, opportunities, jobs, teams, and more on our social media channels, which can be found at the top of this website.


For esports teams, tryouts typically occur at the beginning of each semester. We accept players of all skill levels and backgrounds and can register any number of teams under our university. As a result, we offer teams ranging from highly competitive to entirely new players. Anyone can compete in an esports season, and they are seeded so that players have a positive experience.

Is merchandise available for purchase?

We are working hard to provide a merchandise line for CSUDH Esports. We look forward to sharing more information with you soon!