CSUDH Contemplating Esports Program On Campus

CSUDH Bulletin writer Ulises Rodriguez recently penned an opinion on the push to get ESports recognized on campus by CSUDH. Rodriguez writes:

We have to get past the negative stigma and move forward to push eSports more on campuses. CSUDH has a golden opportunity to serve our students by creating programs that will help eSports athletes as well as anyone thinking of careers in video game design and management. It’s time we jump onto the full throttle of eSports and ride it till the end, before other CSUS (like the one in Los Angeles whose name I won’t even print because they’re supposedly our arch-rival and we’re supposed to detest them) jump on board first and leave Toro Nation on the outside looking in.

Ulises Rodriguez – The Bulletin

The urgency in Rodriguez’s piece highlights the growing interest in bringing ESports to different universities and connecting students to the 21st century.

This article originally appeared on The Bulletin: Despite Sorely Lacking Media Coverage, Toros Need To Jump On ESports Growth

Photo credit: The Bulletin