Raising Canes Jersey

CSUDH Esports and Raising Cane’s Jersey Unveiling BreaksFree!

California State University, Dominguez Hills On March 24, 2022 the CSUDH Esports Team partnered with our local Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers for a fundraiser to become the first collegiate association of its kind to have a team jersey displayed proudly for the community to see our Toro pride.

When you head into the Raising Cane’s across from the Carson Plaza and look in the corner, you’ll find a little piece of the Toro nation hung right next to a portrait of the king of RocknRoll. Asked about being a part of the first collegiate esports to receive such an honor, Cesar Cedano, cabinet member and Overwatch team captain, responded “It’s not something I thought would happen, especially, because we’re a smaller school. We’re doing it. We put in the work. We deserve it.” The result of that work can be seen in the three stars above the jersey’s logo which represent the team’s victories at competitions. Proceeds raised from the fundraiser will go towards the construction of the team’s new incubation lab where our athletes will train and compete.

Esports is a bold new frontier in the world of athletics which has been met with stigma but the team at CSUDH has been at the forefront of proving it’s legitimacy. For this event we also partnered with Break Free Worldwide, the organization at the forefront of HipHop education and development, who will be bringing breakdancing to the Olympics in 2024. It is appropriate that these two emerging sports should be represented at the same event as both mark a cultural shift in what the next generation will define athleticism as. What makes breakdancing and esports distinct from other athletic feats yet similar to one another is that they are both a response and interaction with premade art. In the case of esports it’s the athlete interacting with and navigating artistic assets created by developers while in breakdancing the athlete is responding simultaneously to the music created by musicians and energy of the crowd.

By having the CSUDH jersey displayed at Raising Cane’s for all the community to see they’ve not only broken new ground for the team but esports as a whole. At this stage, we can only hope that more places will embrace their own local esports team as they have their traditional sports teams. The collegiate esports scene continues to advance and you can expect to see the Toro Nation’s own representatives to continue working hard and playing hard to help bring more awareness and legitimacy to the sport.


Author: Brian McNally.
Photo Credit: Rhomeozon Blankas