CSUDH Esports Joins with Compton Unified School District and Compton Unified Esports League

California State University, Dominguez Hills

1000 E. Victoria Street, Carson, CA 90747

CARSON, Calif. – The CSUDH Esports Association, as part of its Esports Mentorship Program is excited to announce an ongoing alliance with the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) and the Compton Unified Esports League (CUEL). The CSUDH Esports Mentorship Program is focused on empowering student development by engaging CSUDH students to serve as their younger peer’s mentors, in an effort to prepare them for the expectations of both college and professional life. The CSUDH Esports Mentorship Program is centered around a series of four-week, online, youth mentorship workshops. The program launched on June 29th 2021 and is open to all CUSD High Schools and Middle School campuses.

Ruben Caputo, the CSUDH Esports Academic Advisor and team GM, stressed that, “Our Mentorship Program partnership has the makings of a very rewarding long-term affiliation, one that can help to establish a new of hands-on collaboration between academics and the community at large. We fully support the CUSD and the CUEL community in their pursuit of Higher Academic principles via the medium of Esports.

Alvaro Brito, a specialist in 21st Century Learning modalities, who works at the Compton Unified School District Department of Educational Technology & Innovation went even further, noting, “The CSUDH Esports Summer Mentorship program motivates and inspires. It provides the perfect opportunity to build a community for our Compton Unified Esports League (CUEL) players. Students are gaining valuable skills with the help of college mentors such as communication, teamwork, and exposure to the esports industry skillset. Our CUEL students are becoming better players and making new friendships at the same time.”

The need for Mentorship Programs like this one was echoed by Alexandra Warren-Carrasco, one of the CSUDH Esports Association Mentors. “To me, the summer esports mentorship program represents the way that Esports can bring a community together. Esports creates an environment where, through play and cooperation with others, students can improve on their teamwork, goal setting, and personal growth. Having the opportunity to mentor these students and be part of their growth is inspiring!

The CSUDH Esports Programs centered in four domain areas: academic research, community engagement, competition and entertainment. The aim is to meet the needs of all students by providing development programs within the Esports environment that will lead to transferable career skills.

The mission of the Compton Unified School District is to empower leaders to lead, teachers to teach and students to learn by fostering an environment that encourages leaders and teachers to be visionary, innovative and accountable for the achievement of all students.

The Compton Unified Esports League seeks to bring friendly Esports competition to campus as a way to help empower students navigate the unique technical and digital discipline requirements involved in Esports program development. Job-placement pathways that include Computer Engineers, Computer Programmers, Graphic Artist, Game Developers. Digital Media Production Professionals, Information Technology Specialists, Digital Marketeers, and many more emerging career fields.


Photo Credit: Lashawn Sanders