Photo of Luis Gutierrez

CSUDH Graduate Turned Esports Protege

Life for former CSUDH student Luis Gutierrez is pretty great nowadays. He is beginning his career as a reporter/journalist in the esports media industry. Gutierrez began to love esports and gaming at an early age. He always dreamed of being a writer within the gaming industry, he just was not sure how it would work out as it is still a relatively new category of the media industry. 

“I always wanted to get into this space,” said Gutierrez. “I just wasn’t sure on how to get into it, which was really hard. I did find a way and now that I did, I want to keep going.”


This article appeared in The Bulletin website on December 02, 2021 by author Chaz Kawamura.  

Photo Credit: Luis Gutierrez