Esports Exploding Globally: Will CSUDH Join The Party

Editor’s Note: This is an expanded version of the story running in the print edition of the Bulletin

Laughter and conversation filled the room as students excitedly prepared themselves to step in front of the camera. One by one, they sat on the director chair to get their makeup done.

But these students weren’t getting ready for a commercial or a debate: they were getting primed to compete in a gaming tournament on Feb. 22 sponsored by the eSports association at California State University, Dominguez Hills, a competitive event filmed by Charter Spectrum.

Each of the dozens of players was hoping to dominate the tournament and take a major step in breaking into the professional ranks of a sport experiencing phenomenal growth.

But just as they were waiting for their moment to step into the spotlight, this university is contemplating taking its first step. A certificate program currently under evaluation, and just last week an email was sent requesting faculty proposals for Esports classes that could be offered as soon as next year.

This article originally appeared on – ESports Exploding Globally; Will CSUDH Join The Party by Ulises Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

Photo Credit: Ulises Rodriguez