Esports, Where Were You When I Needed You?

During my time at CSUDH, my biggest problem was being bored while on campus during my free time or in between classes. One club that I wish I would have utilized more was the esports club. The esports club is an organization that brings students, faculty, as well as alumni together to participate in activities that involve academic research, community engagement, competition, and entertainment through video games.

I am excited because just like any other renovation that CSUDH has undergone, it should look breathtaking. Ruben Caputo, the esports general manager, is excited about the upcoming developments with the lab and the multidimensionality it will possess.

“This allows us to be more unique than most collegiate esports spaces,” Caputo said. “The lab will hold an incubation space, competition and broadcasting station, and a classroom.”

I’m not even a part of the club, and the excitement I feel thinking about the lab is undeniable, but I can only imagine how the actual club members feel.

Benny Morales – Staff Reporter / Student


This article originally appeared on The CSUDH Bulletin website

Photo Credit: Benny Morales