Gaymers And Allies Unite Over Video Games

The Queer Culture and Resource Center(QCRC) held the first of four planned Queer Geek and Gamer Nights on Thursday, Feb. 7th. The event, organized by the Anime, TableTop and Trading Card Gaming Clubs, as well as the CSUDH Esports Association,  attracted a crowd of 40 LGBT+ gamers and allies, according to a statement from the QCRC. 

LGBTQIA2+ Resource Coordinator Karama Blackhorn said the QCRC wants to “engage the broader community” by holding events like this. 

“We have a huge geeky community on campus,” Blackhorn said. “The [Nintendo] Switch is more popular than the phones and people are playing Pokemon all day.”

Blackhorn said when queer gamers aren’t represented in video games, they don’t experience the escapism that other gamers do.

“‘Life is Strange’ is the first game I saw with a complex and queer main character and Bioware games have some queer characters which is great,” Blackhorn said. “You don’t get to escape when the character doesn’t represent you. A lot of gaming and geek culture is pretty homophobic, so this is about breaking that down, allowing people to be themselves, be geeks and be queer.”

This article originally appeared on – Gaymers And Allies Unite Over Video Games by Alex Graf, Managing Editor

Photo Credit: Unknown