“Power ranking” professional circuit teams using MCDM

Over the course of more than 40 years, video games have advanced far beyond Pitfall, Asteroids, and Frogger on the Atari 2600 gaming console, with some of the earliest gaming tournaments taking place in the United States during the 1970s (Bountie Gaming, 2018). Considering this, gameplay continues to be adapted by developers and organizers in order to garner the interest of millions of people around sporting events of a new kind, often termed Esports, filled with familiar features such as commentators, large screens, and stages. Since 2012, the number of fans and viewers in this domain has been steadily increasing (Statista, 2018). Esports figures are rather promising as they have also improved year-over-year. New Zoo, a market intelligence agency specializing in digital media and video gaming, estimates that Esports generated $345 million in revenue in North America in 2018, along with over $500 million abroad (Pannekeet, 2018). Furthermore, the most recent global revenue figures have experienced a year-on-year growth of over 26%, with revenue approaching over $1 billion during 2019 (Pannekeet,2019).

This article originally appeared on IOS Press by Sean Pradhaa and Yann Abdourazakou

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