students entering the university bookstore

Building Community

Rick Dorsey, CSUDH Follett Bookstore Manager, speaks about the relationship between Collegiate Esports and Toro Nation. Without a doubt, Esports is vastly becoming popular worldwide. Some will say that Esports is not a real sport and vice versa. While it isn’t an activity involving physical exertion and skill, one thing it certain – the competition is absolutely insane. Colleges such as CSUDH, UCI, and BSU have adopted esports programs to provide wholesome experiences to students. Not only do they provide a competitive scene, but they certainly segue these adopted skills into their future careers.

Follett is a family-owned company that have been in the college bookstore business for about 150 years. They were founded by Charles Barnes of Barnes and Noble, which was then sold to his employee at the time, R. D. Follett. “Ruben Caputo (Esports Academic Advisor and GM at CSUDH) has Esports happening on this campus,” Rick Dorsey said, “CSUDH is a blueprint for Collegiate Esports.”. Rick Dorsey is the Follett bookstore manager located on campus at CSUDH. “From what I’ve observed, Follett is continually looking to expand in every educational space that they can move into,” said Rick. Follett created an exclusive partnership with CSUDH Esports Association.

You can purchase jerseys, pullovers, hats, and much more. Speaking of partnerships, LevelUp has stepped in as the primary manufacture of the apparel. As of today, LevelUp supports CSUDH and Maymount California University. LevelUp is excited to work with their sponsorships and are actively expanding out through Collegiate teams. You can find out more about the company at “It’s something that means a lot to us here at the bookstore,” Rick remarked, “we make a lot of connections here on campus, and the one that we’ve made with Esports has been really special.”


Article written by  Jose Mora.
Photo Credit: Rhomeozon Blankas