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CSUDH Esports and HyperX Partnership Bears New Fruit

CSUDH Esports and HyperX Partnership Bears New Fruit

California State University, Dominguez Hills

1000 E. Victoria Street, Carson, CA 90747

CARSON, Calif. – The CSUDH Esports Association is extremely pleased to announce that Alexandra Warren-Carrasco, our Esports Association President, will be joining HyperX, the premiere vendor of professional-grade gaming gear and peripherals, as their newest Product Specialist. Warren-Carrasco, a CSUDH senior majoring in Business Administration, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, will be graduating this May. However, she began her studies at CSUDH during the height of the pandemic and initially joined the Esports Association’s League of Legends team as a way to connect with her peers.

Warren-Carrasco was surprised to discover how warm and welcoming the members of the CSUDH Esports Association were to her. “The Esports club really gave me that push and that platform that I needed to launch and grow and find my voice, and find my passion, and it helped me…The experience allowed me to become an advocate and find my own voice, realize that I can change things if I want to, and that was really, really special to me,” Warren-Carrasco went on to state.

For the uninitiated, Esports involves any competitive, organized video gaming conducted in a multi-player environment, ranging from online battle arenas to more traditional sports-themed games like NBA Live or Madden NFL. Warren-Carrasco’s 1st exposure to Esports was through her grandmother who wanted to make sure that young Alexandra had the same opportunity to play and learn as her male cousins who already owned a game console.

“It starts at a real young age. This kind of idea that boys get the consoles and girls get the Barbies. I was fortunate to still get that exposure because my Grandma was so determined,” Warren-Carrasco shared. “When Grandma came to visit, she took me down to Fry’s at 6am and we waited until they opened at 7am to get new Wii and copy of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.”

The CSUDH Esports Association was created to help showcase the infinite number of possibilities that the Esports and video gaming fields have to offer, and provide a means to help expand the possibilities for gamers of all ages, backgrounds and genders. As Warren-Carrasco points out, “There are people who treat you completely different if you’re a girl online. One way that I learned to deal with it is…until I knew a person really well. I’ve learned how to type and chat in a very gender-neutral fashion…There’s always that kind of initial shock when you tell somebody, as a girl, that I play video games.”

Warren-Carrasco has established her gaming bona fides in a number of other ways. She launched her own start-up company in 2019, specializing in hand-built, custom-made mechanical keyboards designed for gaming applications. She’s interned at Esports Supply and is currently authoring a chapter for a new Esports textbook. More than anything, though, Warren-Carrasco was determined to land a position with HyperX. She even reached out to their representatives at an event they had co-sponsored with the CSUDH Esports Association. They loved her enthusiasm so much, that they were quick to bring her on-board. It is an opportunity that she is grateful for, and passionate about, as it allows her to promote the company’s “beloved” Cloud StingerTM gaming headsets, which are renowned for providing award-winning comfort, along with optimal performance and gaming-grade sound quality.

Ruben Caputo, the CSUDH Esports Academic Advisor and team GM, declared that “We are thrilled for Alexandra and what a gem for HyperX to add to their team. I know this is the beginning of Alexandra’s career and I couldn’t think of a better place for her to embark her journey.

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