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CSUDH’s Esports Team Participates in Prestigious Charity Invitational

3x Collegiate Champs take on pro-gaming participants in VALORANT Tourney

California State University, Dominguez Hills

1000 E. Victoria Street, Carson, CA 90747

CARSON, Calif. – The CSUDH Esports Association team will be a featured competitor in the upcoming Valorant Charity Pro-Am Gaming Tournament being held at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, on January 5th, as a featured event of the 2022 Consumer Electronics Fair. The Valorant Charity Gaming Tournament will run from 10AM to 6PM PST, at the HyperX Arena. Thousands more are expected to tune into the livestream via Twitch. The purpose of this Esports showcase is to raise funds for a variety of charities including 1000 Dreams, Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood, LanFest, Paws Your Game, StackUp, and Starlight Children’s Foundation.

“ViewSonic has been an early advocate for esports as a way for students to grow and connect with others,” said Danny Ordway, vertical marketing manager for gaming at ViewSonic. “Gaming has the unique ability to build online communities and provide participants a place where they can be themselves, engage with other gamers and be part of a greater social network. One of the goals of this tournament is to bring the gaming community together to connect, compete and to give back to the community.”

“LANFest builds healthy communities through gaming by providing a safe place to have fun and accomplish good,” said Gabriel McHaley Senior Event Manger LANFest We are excited to partner with Cal State University Dominguez Hills in the upcoming charity tournament United by Play on January 5th, 2022. When communities unite in play, great things are accomplished.

Ruben Caputo, CSUDH Esports Academic Advisor and team GM, declared that “We are thrilled to participate in this Esports charity event. Not only will this tourney benefit a number of worthy charities, but this collaboration will also help to open up more opportunities for our students.”

Valorant is a hugely popular, free-to-play, first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, that features 13 rounds to attack and defend using your tactical abilities. And, with one life per-round, players need to think faster than their opponent if they want to survive! This Charity Pro-Am will be a bracket-based gaming tournament, formatted in a 5 vs. 5 round robin structure. All six charities mentioned will be competing in this event. Charity teams will consist of Esports collegiate players, professional Esports players, content creators and streamers. This United by Play event has multiple sponsors including ViewSonic Gaming, as the major contributor.

The CSUDH Esports Association is centered in four pillar areas: academics and research, community engagement, competition, and entertainment. The aim to always meet the needs of all students by providing development programs within the Esports environment in order to obtain transferable career skills. Learn more about us at: