Four Esports members shown in the foreground with a purplish lighting illuminating them and their computers

Esports: More than a game, it could be a dream job

Alexandra Warren-Carrasco has been an avid League of Legends player for years. Throughout high school and later, community college, the virtual world was an important social outlet for her. But when she transferred to California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH), which offers an esports club, she realized her love of gaming could open up a new world of possibilities not just for social connections, but for her career.

“[The club] really engaged me in the school,” she says. “That in turn made me want to build a community here — and to help make sure that others could get that same experience.”

Within months, she ended up as the president of the CSUDH Esports Association, managing several competitive teams, hosting and speaking at events, and developing strategies for growing club membership. She also parlayed her love of gaming into product specialist roles at the esports consulting company Esport Supply and now at HyperX, a gaming peripherals company recently acquired by HP — experiences that could lead to more professional opportunities after graduation.


This article appeared on the HP (The Garage) website on April 5, 2022. Author: Stephanie Walden. 
Photo Credit: Uncredited